How to connect your Hardware/Software encoder

  • From your dashboard click on Streaming

  • Click on SettingsEquipment Settings tab

General Settings for streaming:

Video bit rate will need to be set from anything ranging from 1,200kbs (1.2MB) to 3,500kbs (3.5MB)

This is just a suggestion. Set to what you need.

Audio will need to be set from 64kbs to 128 KBS

Encode size(resolution

SD 640x480 4x3 square

SD 640x360 16x9 widescreen


HD 1280x720 16x9 widescreen

HD 1920x1080 16x9 widescreen

*Note: our servers like the Main Profile & Audio at 48.100 Hz

  • Select OBS from the dropdown. These credentials will work with most encoders/software.
  • Copy the URL (also known as a Sever URL)
  • Copy the Stream Key (also know as a Stream Name)
  • Paste into your encoder software or hardware


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